Seatbelts save lives

Seatbelts are a proven safety feature when driving a motor vehicle. Not wearing a seatbelt significantly increases your chances of serious injury or death if you are involved in a collision.

It is an offence to drive while not wearing your seatbelt or to permit passengers to travel in your car without seatbelts. As the driver, you are responsible for all passengers in your vehicle. If they do not wear a seatbelt, you will incur a fine and three demerit points.

Child restraints

The safety of children is paramount. Children must be restrained correctly at all times, even when driving at low speeds or on short trips.

The following requirements apply whenever children are travelling in a vehicle.

  • Babies under the age of six months must be restrained in an approved rear facing child restraint.
  • Children over the age of six months but under four years must be in an approved forward or rear facing child restraint.
  • A passenger who is under four years old must not be in the front row of a motor vehicle that has two or more rows of seats.
  • Children over the age of four years but under seven years must be in an approved forward facing child restraint, or be placed on a properly positioned approved booster seat. They must not be seated in the front row of a motor vehicle that has two or more rows of seats, unless all other seats are occupied by passengers who are also less than seven years old.
  • Children over seven years can be seated in a suitable child restraint or a normal passenger seat with a seat belt.
  • Child restraints and seatbelts must be properly fastened and adjusted.

A child can NEVER be put into a seatbelt with another adult or child. Seatbelts are designed for the use of one person.

Your legal responsibility

It is the driver's legal responsibility to ensure all children travelling in the vehicle are correctly restrained in a suitable approved child restraint which is properly fastened and adjusted, or occupy a seating position fitted with a suitable seatbelt and wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened, even for short trips.

Failure to comply with the requirements is a serious offence and you are liable for a substantial fine as well as demerit points.

Before purchasing a restraint, always check to make sure it is suitable for your child and vehicle. For information on ACT’s current child restraint laws visit the Roads and Transport Authority website.

Kids Safe

For more information, including a guide to appropriate child restraints for different weights and age ranges, visit the Kidsafe website.

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