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ACT Policing will target hoon driving in July following the introduction of the ACT’s new dangerous driving laws.  

For the first time, ACT Policing now has the power to immediately suspend the licence of a driver caught speeding more than 45km/h over the posted speed limit, as well as immediately seizing the driver’s vehicle.  

Since the new laws came into effect on 22 June, 2023, we have already seen several drivers receive Immediate Suspension Notices (ISNs), and vehicles seized.  

19-year-old P-plate driver from Banks was the first Canberran to have his licence immediately suspended after being caught driving 147km/h in a 90km/h zone on the Monaro Highway.   

Across the weekend of 1-2 July, a 43-year-old man driving a red Ferrari F8 and a 22-year-old man driving a white Ford Falcon had their vehicles seized for excessive speeding.  

Earlier this week, a 21-year-old woman was detected driving at 133km/h in an 80km/h zone, while two p-plate drivers – a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man – were detected street racing at 105km/h in the 60km/h zone on Athllon Drive about 11.30pm last night (Tuesday, 4 July – see link to footage below).  

All six drivers had their licences immediately suspended for 90 days.  

Officer in Charge of ACT Road Policing, Inspector Paul Hutcheson said police will have no hesitation in using these new laws in order to make our roads safer.    

“As we’ve already seen, police will target drivers travelling at excessive speeds, and seize licences and vehicles where appropriate,” Inspector Hutcheson said.  

“This important change allows police to take immediate action against an offender, taking away their vehicle or licence, and thereby their means to commit further offences.  

“Throughout July, police will also target intimidating driving, burnouts, tailgating, menacing driving, and street racing.   

“We will not tolerate these unsafe driving behaviours, or people who want turn public roads into their own personal drag strip or racetrack.  

“This kind of behaviour is incredibly dangerous, and not only puts the lives of those reckless drivers at risk, but that of other road users as well. 

“I would encourage anyone who witnesses hoon driving or dangerous driving in the community to report that activity to police.” 

Anyone with information about dangerous driving behaviour is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website


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