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Traffic Operations

As part of ACT Policing’s Response Portfolio, Road Policing manage road safety by enforcing the ACT Road Rules, and promoting safer driving to reduce road trauma and the ACT road toll.

Road Policing works in partnership with ACT Government agencies such as City Services to support the ACT Government’s Road Safety Strategy. Road Policing provide high visibility patrols and undertake specific targeted operations to ensure ACT roads are safe for all road users. They enforce traffic law in line with the priority focus of the ACT Road Safety Calendar.

The team monitors motorist behaviours using specific tools and instruments, such as speed detection and alcohol screening devices. They also collate and analyse intelligence related to traffic violations.

Road Policing work with the City Services to improve public safety by identifying road design faults, contributing factors in collisions and ensuring vehicles driven on ACT Roads are safe and comply with road standards.

The team also works closely with front line police officers, and partners with interstate police forces to carrying out joint operations.

Road Policing comprises of three dedicated teams:

Major Collision Team 

The Major Collision Team (MCT) is made up of qualified police officers trained in the technical knowledge of crash analysis and are responsible for investigating all fatal and major motor vehicle collisions in the ACT.

MCT officers are responsible for determining the cause of collisions, forensic analysis, reconstruction of a scene, and management of blood samples for alcohol and drug testing following motor vehicle collisions.

They also work closely with other police agencies on fatalities in the ACT that involve interstate drivers.

Mobile Traffic

The Mobile Traffic Team is made up of qualified traffic law enforcement police officers who perform road safety and ceremonial functions in the ACT.

Those functions include ceremonial motorcade support for visiting international dignitaries and traffic management at high profile and community events.

The team maintains and utilises specially marked motor vehicles and motorcycles to provide a high visibility police presence on ACT Roads. 

Road Safety Operations Team (RSOT)

The Road Safety Operations Team (RSOT) consists of:

  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Random roadside drug testing.

The team undertake road safety initiatives such as random alcohol and drug testing, Operation Statetrans targeting heavy vehicles and management of alcohol breath analysis equipment.

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