Property Crime Prevention

Outsmart the offender

Although the ACT has some of the lowest property crime rates in Australia, we need to remain vigilant because property crime can affect anyone of us.

Property crime is often opportunistic in nature and everyone has a responsibility to take steps to keep their property safe.  There are many things we can do to protect ourselves against theft and crime at home, at work and when in travelling around town.

To raise awareness the ACT Government and ACT Policing, with the support of ACT Neighbourhood Watch and ACT Crime Stoppers have launched a new Property Crime Prevention campaign Outsmart the Offender.

The campaign focusses on, car theft home burglary, apartment theft, small business theft and tradie tool theft that will be spread over the next six months.

The campaign is a joint initiative being delivered as part of the Property Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020.

Make your tools tough to take 

Tradie tools can be an easy target for thieves. Thousands of dollars can be lost in wages and valuables if you don’t make your tools tough to take.

If you have tools or expensive property in the back of your ute or van, make sure it is secure. If you have your tools marked with a UV pen or other mechanism, there’s also a chance they can be returned to you if police officers find your property.

Tools and equipment left in trade vehicles are common targets because of their value and ability to be sold for quick cash. Thieves hope you are distracted at work or at home and seize those opportunities to steal unsecure items, so it’s important to spend the extra few seconds to make your tools tough to take at all times

Lock up, cover up

Apartment buildings are just as vulnerable to break-ins and theft as other homes. Poor safety and security habits could put your whole building at risk. Most offenders are opportunists, and search for quick, easy entry and exit points.

In Canberra, property and goods kept in storage cages or vehicles in undercroft garages are common targets for thieves. Bicycles and other items not secured on balconies (on any level, not just on the lower levels) are also easy to steal. So it is important to Lock up, cover up your items.  

Lock and hide to protect your ride

Statistics show cars are more likely to be stolen from a car park than any other location. Your driveway and house are also target locations.

We also know thieves continue to target older vehicles that don’t have an engine immobiliser because they are easier to steal. If you have an older vehicle you should fit it with an Australian Standards approved engine immobiliser or buy a steering wheel lock. If your car was manufactured after 2001, your car will have come with an immobiliser.

For newer cars, thieves are now breaking into houses to find the car keys and then stealing the car.

Outsmart the offender by always taking your car keys with you, and when at home leave them in a safe place. If you leave home without your car, don’t leave your car keys in plain sight in your house.

Keep out a break in

Most home break ins happen during the day. Burglars usually look for doors that are unlocked and windows left open so they can grab what they can and make a quick getaway. If a burglar can’t see an easy way in, they often won’t try.

If you need assistance to make your home more secure you may be eligible for assistance from the SafeHome Program funded by ACT Government.

The SafeHome Program aims to improve home security for households in the ACT that are vulnerable to property crime.

Keep burglars out of your business 

There are a number of inexpensive yet effective ways to deter burglars and keep your business more secure. Statistics show more than 70 per cent of burglaries happen at night, making it important for businesses to have CCTV and alarms fitted to help deter and catch offenders. Canberra has many small shopping centres with businesses that close at different times. If you’re a small business, it could be worthwhile to team up with neighbouring businesses to consider security measures for mutual benefit.

Register your buisness with the ACT Keyholder Register which give police a list of the names and after-hours contact details of business owners or others who have access to your business premises.

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