Collect lost or stolen property

Collect lost or stolen property

Exhibit Management Centre

The Exhibit Management Centre (EMC) is a secure storage facility used by ACT Policing to preserve property and exhibits. It houses recovered property and also evidentiary items.

If you have reported your items lost or stolen to ACT Policing and they have advised you the items have been recovered, please contact the EMC on 02 5126 9074 to collect your goods.


What do I need to bring to collect my property?

Please have your licence or another form of identification. If you have a police reference number please have that ready. Fees and charges may apply.

How do I claim my property?

You must be clearly able to identify property before it will be released to you. Please bring any receipts, serial numbers or documentation you have. Consider if your item has any distinguishing features that will assist in identification.






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