Road safety

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Road safety is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of how you use the road. Follow the road rules to keep our roads safe.

Road Safety is a key priority for ACT Policing, who work in partnership with the ACT Government and City Services Directorate to support the ACT Government’s Road Safety Strategy.  

The aim of the strategy is to reduce road trauma in Canberra and includes targeted traffic enforcement and road safety awareness campaigns.  

The top five contributing factors to death and serious injury on ACT roads are:

ACT Policing actively targets the ‘fatal five’ with high-visibility and unmarked patrols. Our Road Policing portfolio has three dedicated teams committed to enforcing traffic laws and promoting safer driving on ACT roads.

  • Road Safety Operations Team
  • Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team
  • Mobile Traffic

ACT Policing also collaborates with non- Government stakeholders such as Pedal Power on road safety awareness campaigns that benefit the ACT community.

Any police officer can pull you over for breaching the road rules or unsafe driving practices – anywhere, anytime.


If you have been involved in a collision in the ACT you must by law report it to police within 24 hours. You can do this via the online reporting form.

ACT Policing actively targets drivers to ensure our roads remain safe. If you are driving in an unsafe manner you could receive a traffic fine, lose you licence, have your vehicle seized or even face imprisonment.

Completing the online form will generate a collision report number that can be used in insurance claims. Remember to keep a printed copy of the report for your records.

If you are unable to complete the online form, or require assistance please visit your local police station.

For more information visit report a collision.

Reporting a traffic offence

You can report information about illegal traffic related activity via the Crime Stoppers ACT online form  and selecting “Traffic Offence”. The information you provide will be recorded within AFP systems and assist us in targeting offending vehicle/s, associated persons and traffic hot spots.

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