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A number of police reports in relation to ACT Policing are available on payment of a fee through provisions of the Australian Federal Police Regulations 1979, Schedule 2 (fees).


ACT Policing Accident Records can no longer assist with incidents where a report has been prepared for the ACT Coroners Court, such as a motor vehicle accident involving a fatality (death).

A direction has been given pursuant to section 51 of the Coroners Act 1997; all requests for information are required to be directed to the Coroners Court.

** Please DO NOT apply for access to documents via the online application form or contact Accident Records for information regarding incidents involving a fatality.

Contact the Coroners Court directly for any interest in these matters.
Phone: (02) 6207 1754

Important information 

Documents provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) ACT Policing, are created by the AFP, therefore, as the authors of this documentation they are the owners of this documentation. AFP documents are covered by a legal disclaimer prohibiting the dissemination of AFP documents without prior authorisation from the AFP.

To request information documents there must be a valid lawful purpose for this documentation, such as civil action, insurance claims etc. Documents cannot be released for personal use, filing purposes or any other use that does not fall within a lawful function. Documentation is provided for that sole purpose and is not to be disseminated to a third party for any other purpose other than that for which it was originally disclosed. This includes your client if you are an organisation requesting documents on their behalf.

Documents are requested and released in accordance with the Privacy Act, specifically Australian Privacy Principle 6.2(c) and permitted general situation number 4. Conditions detailed by this Act also limit the use and disclosure of the information provided and prohibit the dissemination of the information to a third party other than for the use in which is originally intended.

To ensure the privacy of every individual involved in the incident is maintained, it is recommended that insurance companies or legal practitioners, request the document/s on behalf of their clients. This is to ensure that representatives receive the necessary information for a claim to be processed.

Consideration will not be given to a request being processed for an individual, unless evidentiary documentation is provided to support legal proceedings or there are other mitigating circumstances.

Documents contain personal information of other individuals therefore to maintain the privacy and safety of every individual involved, strict guidelines are in place to protect everyone. This avoids putting individuals and members of our community at risk particularly where there are situations of hostility between parties, criminal offences and liability issues.

If a request is processed for an individual, the individual’s representative cannot request an additional copy of a document/s, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

The following form should be utilised in applying for police reports:

Enquiries relating to accident records, burglaries, thefts, stolen vehicles and criminal damage should be forwarded to the Accident Records Team.

Those relating to assault, sexual assault, personal injury, family violence, neighbourhood disputes and child welfare should be forwarded to the Information Access Team.

If documents to be requested are required for court purposes consideration should be given to obtaining a subpoena from the court handling the matter, as an alternative method.

View the fees for releasing or obtaining information under the Australian Federal Police Regulations 1979, Schedule 2 (fees) associated with the application of these reports.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to apply for an exemption from these fees, please complete the following form:

Report a motor vehicle collision

If you have been involved in a collision in the ACT, you must by law report the incident to the police within 24 hours. A form available on the Access Canberra website completely removes the need to attend an ACT Police Station to comply with the statutory reporting requirement, allowing the community to complete the necessary details from the comfort of their own home.

To report a collision online, please complete the following form:

Accident Records Report - processing times

The processing time for a routine request, is approximately 30 working days from ‘the next working day’, after the day the request is received by Accident Records. Please be aware processing times may vary particularly when investigations are not finalised.

We also recommend you allow sufficient time for processing and return by postal services before making enquiries regarding your request.

For further information on requesting information, please see the our Frequently Asked Questions - Accident Records.


Information Access Team ACT Policing reports - assault, injury, violence, disputes, child welfare
Email ACT info access
Accident Records Team ACT Policing reports - accidents, burglary, theft, stolen vehicles, criminal damage Ph: 131 444
Email Accident records

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