Police Services Model

ACT Policing is evolving to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and diverse community.

The ACT population is expanding, priority calls for service are increasing and police spend more time solving complex social and crime related issues.

In the 2019-20 ACT Budget, the ACT Government announced a $33.9 investment into ACT Policing over four years, to support the service embark on a significant reform program that will see police serve the Canberra community even better into the future. The new Police Services Model (PSM) will see ACT Policing take a proactive and system-wide approach to crime prevention, disruption and response.

In the coming years, Canberrans will see more police working in a more connected and effective way. By moving to a proactive prevention model we will work more closely with our stakeholders and the community to lower crime rates and divert people away from the justice system.

The new PSM supports ACT Policing to transform into an intelligence-led, mobility driven and evidence-based workforce, using a systematic approach to prevent crime. ACT Policing will also be able to target resources where they are most effective, conduct focused crime prevention activities and focus on addressing the root causes of crime.

The Four Pillars of the ACT Policing Police Services Model

Systemic Approach Intelligence Led Evidence-Based Mobility Driven

Collaborate with other agencies to share information and identify intervention opportunities.

Members will be supported by more effective processes and will see greater collaboration with other agencies.

Using intelligence to inform systematic decision making at both the tactical and strategic level.

Members will have access to the right information to most effectively complete a job and prevent crime

Generate and use data, research and evidence to inform and challenge policing practices and decisions.

Members will have access to the right training and the right technology to inform evidence-based policing practices and decision making.

Increasing responsiveness and efficiency through technology, governance and processes.

Better systems will ensure members can spend more time in the field, and allow effort to be put where it is most needed.

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