Anti-social driving

Anti-social driving is a form of intimidating driving behaviour; it can include speeding, burnouts, tailgating, menacing driving and street racing. These illegal activities may result in the loss of licence, heavy fines, the seizing of vehicles and potentially imprisonment.

ACT Policing will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or unsafe driving practices which could endanger the lives of the community.

What are the penalties?

Police have the power to seize vehicles for offences of street racing, speed trials, burnouts and menacing driving.

If you are caught engaging in unsafe driving practices, police can seize your vehicle for up to 90 days for a first offence, and if you are caught again, your vehicle may be seized and forfeited to the Territory if ordered by the Courts.

All traffic offences and the most up to date penalties are listed in the Road Transport (Offences) Regulation 2005.

Keeping a safe distance

Information about safe following distances including keeping a gap of at least three seconds or more between your vehicle and the one ahead (three second rule) is included in the ACT Road Rules Handbook.

A series of road markings are being trialled on the Tuggeranong Parkway to promote safer driving distances between vehicles and help to avoid motorists tailgating behaviours on the road.

These road markings, called chevrons, consist of a series of inverted letter ‘V’ markings on the road surface. In good driving conditions, motorists are advised to keep at least two chevrons apart. If conditions are poor, or if motorists are towing or driving a heavy vehicle, an even further distance away is recommended.

The chevron road markings have been placed along two 1.8 kilometre sections of road at two locations on the Tuggeranong Parkway:

·         In a southbound direction between Hindmarsh Drive and Sulwood Drive, Woden Valley

·         In a northbound direction between Cotter Road and Lady Denman Drive, Molonglo Valley

Targeting anti-social driving

ACT Policing proactively target burnout and anti-social driving ‘blackspots’ using an intelligence-led policing approach.

We urge members of the public to come forward with information about anti-social driving activities so patrols can target areas appropriately. Call 131 444 if you see it occurring or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 in you have information about anti-social driving.

You can also report information about illegal traffic related activity via the Crime Stoppers ACT online form and selecting “Traffic Offence”. The information you provide will be recorded within Australian Federal Police systems and assist us in targeting offending vehicle/s, associated persons and traffic hot spots.  

Police need accurate descriptions of the location and time of the offence and details of the cars involved including colour, make, model and registration details.

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