Executive General Manager Corporate

Peter Whowell is the Executive General Manager Corporate and leads Finance & Commercial, Human Resources, Legislation & Governance, Futures, and Communications & Government Relations for ACT Policing. 

Peter came to Canberra in 1991 as a graduate in the Industry Department. He joined Australian Federal Police (AFP) in April 2000 after working in Commonwealth law enforcement policy and the former Office of Strategic Crime Assessments. 

Peter’s career in the AFP has included:

•    managing policy coordination and strategy development for AFP; 

•    leading the AFP Legislation Program to maintain and adapt the AFP’s legislative framework to changing community expectations, the criminal environment and technology including modernising Commonwealth investigation powers and criminal offences, establishing terrorism offences and powers for police, and telecommunications interception law reform;

•    establishing the Government Relations Branch to ensure robust and appropriate relationships between the AFP, Ministers, and Parliament while maintaining and enhancing the AFP’s legislative framework and resources.

•    leading Counter-Terrorism Engagement & Operations Support in the Australian Federal Police (AFP);.

•    a secondment to the Centre for Counter-Terrorism Coordination to lead Counter-Terrorism Operations and Engagement in the Centre for Counter-Terrorism Coordination;

•    leading International Strategy in the International Operations function of the Australian Federal Police (AFP where he was responsible for the development, delivery and evaluation of international police assistance, security operations and law enforcement cooperation.

Peter has a Bachelor Arts Degree (Hons) in political science and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons).

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