Chief Police Officer

Deputy Commissioner Scott Lee is the Chief Police Officer for the ACT. 

Scott has an extensive career with the Australian Federal Police and has been responsible for criminal investigations and intelligence operations in combatting terrorism, organised crime, money laundering, organised fraud, human trafficking, child sex offences, people smuggling, and foreign interference. 

Throughout his career Scott has continued to serve the community to maintain the safety of the public. 

Scott has undertaken roles nationally and internationally with the AFP and collaborated with state and territory, Commonwealth and international partners to investigate and disrupt crime impacting the Australian community. 

In 2002 Scott led the Australian contingent deployed to Indonesia following the Bali bombings. As Forward Commander he was in charge of the Disaster Victim Identification process which returned victims to their families. He also assisted the Indonesian National Police with the investigation into the terrorist attacks. Scott returned to Indonesia two years later in response to the terrorist bombing attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. 

In 2005, Scott was posted to the AFP Bangkok Office as the Senior Liaison Officer, where he worked closely with Royal Thai Police in the investigation of the Bangkok New Year’s Eve 2006 bombings, counter terrorism investigations in Southern Thailand, child protection, people smuggling and narcotics investigations. 

During 2011 – 2013 Scott was deployed as the State Manager Victoria, where he was responsible for the delivery of operational outcomes in Victoria and the enhancement of operational partnerships with Victoria Police. 

Scott was promoted to Assistant Commissioner in November 2014. In July 2015 he commenced as the Assistant Commissioner responsible for the AFP’s International Operations to disrupt crime and ensure regional security and stability. 

In January 2020, Scott commenced as Assistant Commissioner Counter Terrorism & Special Investigations Command. In this role Scott was responsible for all national and international counter terrorism and sensitive investigations undertaken by the AFP, including the AFP’s role in the Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce. 

Scott continues to be a champion for Diversity and Inclusion within the AFP. Scott was the Malunggang Indigenous Officer Network for six years from 2015 – 2021 and established the First Nations Unit within the AFP. As the Australian Global Head of Counter Terrorism, Scott established the global Women in Counter Terrorism program and for the first time, achieved gender balance in the executive leadership of the AFP counter terrorism command. Scott has also implemented policies to provide greater access to women for opportunities in the AFP’s international command. 

From October 2022 to February 2023, Scott assumed the role of Assistant Commissioner Specialist Protective Command to reform the AFP’s Protection Operating Model. 

In 2023, Scott commenced as Assistant Commissioner Cyber Command, working together with our Australian and global partners to protect the people of Australia, their information, identities and data. 

In March 2024 Scott became the Chief Police Officer for the ACT.

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