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With over 33 years’ experience in the AFP, Commander Linda Champion has worked in a variety of fields including uniform policing, ACT Policing, Townsville Crime Branch, Internal Investigations and the AFP whistle-blowers Confidant Network. In Aviation, Linda’s roles included Coordinator Air Security Officer Programme, Coordinator Regional Rapid Deployment Teams, and Canberra Airport Police Commander. Linda then went on to manage the first tranche of AFP’s Spectrum Program, an ICT Program of work to identify requirements and tender for a new investigations management system.

Linda later performed the role of Coordinator for Special References – investigation teams responsible for politically sensitive referrals, after which she was promoted to Manager for the AFP Fraud and Anti-Corruption portfolio, where she created the multiagency Fraud and Anti-corruption Centre.

After spending the majority of her school years in Canberra, Linda joined the AFP in 1988 with community policing as her passion.  The first six years in ACTP saw Linda work at City, Tuggeranong and Woden stations.  After receiving her detective designation Linda transferred to Townsville Crime Branch which then led her career into national and international experiences.

As a Superintendent Linda’s roles included Air Security Officer Program, Regional Rapid Deployments, Canberra Airport Police Commander, Spectrum Program and then Head Office Investigations.  Linda was promoted to Commander where she created the Fraud and Anti-Corruption portfolio, including the multi-agency Fraud and Anti-Corruption Centre.

Linda was later posted to London in 2015 as the Manager responsible for AFP operations and senior liaison in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Upon return to Australia in 2018 Linda performed the roles of Manager for Counter Terrorism Operations North and then Commander for AFP Specialist Operations. Linda has recently transferred back into ACT Policing as Commander Operations, responsible for General Duties, Family Violence, Victims of Crime, Proactive Policing, Road Policing and Emergency Management & Planning. 

Linda holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Australian National University and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management from the Australian Institute of Police Management.

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