Neighbourhood Watch

Community members talking with the text "It's your Neighbourhood Watch - Join today"

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) ACT is a community based crime prevention program and a key strategic partner for ACT Policing.

The NHW program aims to reduce crime by encouraging the community to watch out for and report suspicious activity to police or Crime Stoppers to deter potential criminals. The program seeks to reduce crime, particularly property crimes and crimes against the community.

Neighbourhood Watch involves communities by:

  • developing initiatives and educating residents on personal safety
  • encouraging neighbours to get to know each other
  • fostering partnerships with other organisations.

Neighbourhood Watch assists with reducing crime and opportunities for offenders, helps and reassures fellow residents, creates a closer community and encourages residents to engage with local police.

To find out more or to become a member of Neighbourhood Watch in the ACT, visit the Neighbourhood Watch ACT website or Facebook page.

ACT Policing is a proud member of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.


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