Canberra Police Community Youth Club

The Canberra Police Community Youth Club (CPCYC) began as the Police Boys Club in 1957 and has a rich history of providing a platform for ACT Policing to engage with young people and the community in a positive manner. While community engagement was originally focused on sports and recreation, CPCYC services have evolved to meet the needs of the community, with a strong focus on youth at risk.  

Today, the CPCYC provides leading and innovative social services and recreational programs for young people and their families across the ACT. Specifically, the CPCYC  delivers case management programs and early intervention and diversion for youth at risk and their families, and youth crime reduction programs for vulnerable young people who are exhibiting anti-social behaviour, are disengaged from education and family, or are engaging in low grade petty crime.

The CPCYC offers a safe environment to allow youth to develop socially and to understand the disciplines required for a successful life and to build qualities such as citizenship, honour, loyalty, commitment, friendship, respect and fitness of mind and body.

The CPCYC is affiliated with other CPCYCs located across Australia with a membership in excess of 100,000, making it one of the largest youth organisations in Australia.

CPCYC is proudly supported by ACT Policing, the ACT Office for Children, Youth and Family Support and other local businesses and sponsors.

For more information about the range of programs and activities visit the CPCYC website.

Follow the CPCYC on Facebook to keep up-to-date with their latest news and events.

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