AFP Legacy

'Remembrance in Service'

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Legacy (formerly known as the Chequered Ribbon Association) was set up to provide support including financial assistance to the families of AFP members.Should a current member either sworn or unsworn pass away on or off duty, whatever the circumstances, accident, injury or illness, sudden or diagnosed then support will be offered. This support also extends in the instance where a partner of a current AFP member passes. The purpose being to support the family and to perpetuate the memory of those fallen AFP members.

The AFP Legacy Management Board comprises of a team of dedicated AFP members who volunteer their time and represent a broad cross-section of the policing community. AFP Legacy is governed by a constitution and guidelines.

As a not-for-profit organisation, AFP Legacy relies on the generosity of payroll deductions from its members, sponsors, fundraising and the sale of merchandise. Merchandise is available for purchase from the AFP Legacy website.

With support received, AFP Legacy aims to continually improve in order to the meet the needs of the families being supported.


If you would like to make AFP Legacy a beneficiary of your event or make a one off donation, AFP Legacy are now available on


Email AFP Legacy if you have any questions or suggestions.


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