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Sale and purchase of firearms

The sale and purchase (including advertisement of sale) of all firearms must be arranged through a firearms dealer. A club armourer may also act as a dealer if the transaction of a firearm is between two club members of the same club, and the armourer must be a part of same club also.

What are the requirements for purchasing a firearm?

  • You must be in possession of a valid ACT firearms licence for the type of firearm you propose to purchase.
  • You must complete and submit a Firearms Permit Application.
  • You can lodge two firearms on each form, or copy page two as many times as required so that one application is submitted.
  • Each firearm being purchased will attract its own registration fee. For example someone who lodges a permit for three firearms, will be required to produce a payment of $114 or three payments of $38
  • Each application must have a ‘genuine reason’ for possessing the firearm and meet the ‘special need’ conditions for Category B, C and H firearms licences. Such reasons could be for recreational hunting, target shooting, professional hunter (evidence will be required for this reason), etc.
  • Firearms Permits can not be issued before 28 days after the day the Firearms Registry receives the application. If the Registry has concerns or does not approve the application, efforts will be made to contact the applicant.
  • You have 30 days after the issue of your 'permit to acquire a firearm' in which to make your purchase.
  • You are required to return the dealer signed Permit to Acquire a Firearm, for each firearm, within seven calendar days of the purchase.

Firearms licence fees

The cost of a permit to acquire a firearm also includes the registration of the firearm. Prices current from 1 July 2023.

Licence type Term Fee
Category A, B, C or H Firearms licence includes employment 2 years $166
Category A Paintball licence 5 years $166
Category A, B, C or H Adult Firearms licence 5 years $166
Category A, B, C, D or H licence (business or occupational requirements relating to rural purposes or composite entity) 2 years $339
Firearms Dealer's licence 5 years $1727
Firearms Dealer's Club Armourer's licence 5 years $224
Collector's licence 5 years $166
Heirloom licence 5 years $50
Application to issue a copy of a licence or permit   $50
Application for a permit to acquire a firearm ($19.00 for permit and $19.00 for registration)   $38
Application for registration of a firearm   $19
Application to be a Registered User of a firearm   $19
Minor's licence   $50
Firearms permit   $50
Approval for Shooting Range   $197
Approval for Paintball Range   $197
Application for Temporary International Licence   $50
Replacement/upgrade of Licence   $49

Renewing a firearms licence

  • A renewal of a firearms licence is considered to be a fresh application except for the Safe Handling Assessment.
  • Existing firearms licence holders should re-apply for their licence between 30 and 60 days before the expiration of their current licence.
  • Re-application notices are sent out approximately two months prior to expiry.
  • Licensees should make sure they re-apply before their licence expires because once a licence expires the firearms will automatically become unregistered firearms.
  • Any changes to contact details must be sent to the ACT Firearms Registry within seven days of the change. Email notification suffices (

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