Listed below are the five categories of firearms licences. It is possible to apply for a licence under more than one category if a genuine reason can be demonstrated for each category.

Category A firearms

This category applies to:

  • air rifles
  • rimfire rifles - other than self loading
  • shotguns - other than pump action or self loading
  • shotgun and rimfire rifle combinations
  • paintball guns.

You may apply for a Category A licence if you are able to provide the Firearms Registrar with the necessary documentation to support your genuine reason for using and/or possessing a firearm of that category.

For example, if your genuine reason is sport or target shooting, you must produce evidence of your current membership of an approved shooting organisation that conducts competitions or activities involving the use of this type of firearm.

Category B firearms

This category applies to:

  • muzzle loading firearms – other than pistols
  • centrefire rifles - other than self loading
  • shotgun and centrefire rifle combinations.

As well as establishing a genuine reason for holding the licence, you must produce evidence to the firearms registrar’s satisfaction that there is a genuine need to possess and/or use a firearm of this category.

Category C firearms

This category is only available to primary producers, people employed or engaged in primary production, or bona fide firearms collectors (subject to certain conditions). Please refer to Schedule 3 of the Firearms Act 1996 (ACT) for further information.

Category D firearms

This category of firearm can only be authorised by the ACT Police and Emergency Services Minister. This category is only available to professional shooters whose principal occupation is the controlling of vertebrate pest animals. Significant supporting documentation must be provided to the registrar with the applications. Please refer to Schedule 3 of the Firearms Act 1996 (ACT) for further information.

Category H firearms

A category H licence can only be issued to an adult licence holder who has a genuine reason to possess or use a firearm for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Sport or target shooting
  2. Business or employment
  3. Firearms collector.

Evidence must be provided to the registrar of the listed reasons. If the reason for possession or use of a firearm is for sport or target shooting, the applicant must provide written evidence that their licence application is supported by their respective shooting club.

New Category H licence applicants

The following steps are required for a person to obtain a new Category H licence application.

  1. The applicant must complete a six month probationary period with an approved shooting club.
  2. The applicant must be an active member of an approved shooting club and complete the required training.
  3. The applicant will supply a criminal history check to the club.
  4. The applicant must have two character references that the applicant will supply to the approved club.

At the completion of the six month probationary period, with evidence of the training being completed and the supporting documentation from the approved club, the applicant can then lodge the Adult Firearms Licence for Category H.

Renewal of Category H licence applicants

Renewal of Category H applicants must provide an Adult Firearms Licence application, and in addition to the pre-requisite documents, documentation from the approved club supporting the licence application.

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