Technology enabled abuse

What is technology enabled abuse?

Technology enabled abuse is the use of technology (such as the internet, social media, mobile phones, computers, and surveillance devices) to perpetrate abusive behaviour against a person. Such behaviour includes; to threaten, intimidate, control, abuse, harass, punish, stalk and humiliate.

Some examples of abusive behaviour are:

  • Making numerous and unwanted calls to a person’s mobile phone.
  • Sending threatening and/or abusive messages via text or through applications such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messaging, Twitter etc.
  • Hacking into a person’s email or social media account to discover information about them.
  • Hacking into a person’s email or social media account to impersonate them and send abusive messages to family/friends of that person.
  • Using surveillance devices to spy on a person.
  • Using tracking devices to follow a person.
  • Sharing, or threatening to share intimate pictures of a person.

Technology enabled abuse is a crime. If you have been subjected to any type of technology enabled abuse you are encouraged to report it to police who will investigate the matter further. You can attend a local police station to report the matter or you can call police on 131 444. If there is any immediate threat to your safety, then call police on ‘000’.

If you are concerned for your safety, you can also apply for a Domestic Violence Order or Personal Protection Order at the ACT Magistrate’s Court. For more information please contact the Domestic Violence Crisis Service on 02 6280 0900 or ACT Magistrates Court on 02 6207 1713.

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