Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal of stalking and harassing incidents

If you are a victim of any technology based harassment, stalking, abuse, threats or monitoring, then it is a good idea to keep a record of all such incidents in a log or journal. You may keep a record of all phone calls, letters, emails, acts of vandalism and any threats communicated through third parties.

Recording this information may assist in any criminal investigations by police, any prosecutions involving the offender already before the court, any matter involving the offender before the family court and applications for Domestic Violence Orders.

The following information should be recorded in a journal or log:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Witnesses
  • Description of the offensive material received
  • Response to the material received
  • How the material was saved
  • Whether police were called or informed, and details of interaction with police (i.e. police job number or police officer’s name).

This information could potentially be introduced in evidence at court, so be sure not to include any information that you don’t want the offender to see.

Example of a journal entry:

Date Friday 20.1.15, 10.15am
Location Home
Witness Mum
Description Email received from ex. The email is not from his normal email address but I recognise the name in the new email address as a nickname he once had. Email reads as follows:“Be careful where you go today, someone may be out to get you”. Received from email address: [email protected].
Response I showed my mum the email, who was visiting at the time, and then I called police. Police have asked me to save the email and are going to attend later this morning.
Material saved I saved the email in a folder marked “Ex” and I have printed out a copy of the email.
Police contact Spoke to Constable Warren from Central Police Station. Job number given as 52263.

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