Escape. Hide. Tell.

Although Australia is a safe country, attacks in crowded places could happen and we need to do what we can both to prevent and prepare for them.

As part of our joint commitment to keeping Australians safe, governments and police across the country, through the Australia-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee, have been working together to develop simple guidance on what to do if you find yourself in an attack.

What you do matters in an attack and the three words you need to remember are ESCAPE. HIDE. TELL.

  • ESCAPE – move quickly and quietly away from danger
  • If you can’t escape, HIDE – stay out of sight and silence your phones
  • TELL – call the police by dialling Triple Zero when it is safe

We are providing this advice so you are prepared if there is an incident, not because we are expecting one. We all must do everything we can to protect crowded places in order to preserve the way of life we cherish.

This is why ESCAPE. HIDE. TELL is important—because in an attack, what you do matters.

You will find more detailed advice, including separate actions you will need to consider in an attack involving explosives, chemicals or vehicles on the National Security website.



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