Hot Nights, Cool Choices

ACT Policing’s Hot Nights, Cool Choices campaign promotes safe attitudes and behaviours, particularly in relation to alcohol, partying and personal safety, during the summer period in the ACT.

The summer months in the ACT historically result in an increase of alcohol-related incidents and arrests due to the increase of traffic, parties and nightlife in licensed venues, along with public holidays and events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The campaign runs from December to February and targets teenagers and young adults (18-35 year olds) who consume alcohol and/or drugs to varying levels.

Our message this summer is to have fun, be safe and remember your summer for the right reasons by making the right decisions. 

ACT Policing’s Territory Targeting Team (TTT), along with other patrols and teams will be out in force this summer. If you act irresponsibly and break the law, consequences will be enforced.

Police will be issuing Criminal Infringement Notices (CINs) for antisocial and illegal behaviour especially for those listed below:

  • Urinating in a public place - $200
  • Riding a scooter without a helmet - $154
  • Supply liquor to an intoxicate person - $110
  • Fighting and on-punch assault – face court
  • Riding a scooter while under the influence – face court
  • Abuse, threaten, intimidate staff - $220
  • Fail to leave premises when directed - $440
  • Consume alcohol in certain public places - $110
  • Remaining within 50m of licenced premises after being removed or refused admission - $440

Police don’t want to spoil the fun and definitely don’t want to arrest people. They don’t want to issue CINs in response to anti-social or illegal behaviour, but if they have to, they will.

All Canberrans, and those who visit our city, have a role to play in ensuring this summer is a safe one.

Make cool choices.

Find out more about alcohol and illicit drug safety, safe party behaviours and the ACT drug law reforms.

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