Protect your business against aggravated robbery

Robberies are traumatic for those involved but with the correct security strategies in place you can reduce the risk of your business being targeted by criminals.

Download ACT Policing's Aggravated Robbery Prevention Booklet for safety tips on how to prevent being a target of an aggravated robbery.

If a robbery occurs

Train your staff to know what to do during an armed robbery to ensure everyone’s personal safety.

In the event of an armed robbery, remember to:

  • obey the offenders instructions
  • stay out of danger if you are not directly involved
  • observe details about the offender and write them down straight after the robbery
  • phone the police emergency number Triple Zero (000) and activate any silent alarms when safe to do so
  • isolate the area where the offender stood or touched once they have left the premises   
  • ask all witnesses to stay until police arrive.

To assist the police following an armed robbery, try and note the following:

  • the time of the offence
  • the time the offender arrived and left the premises
  • the weapon/s used or implied
  • a description of the offender
  • what the offender took
  • any evidence at the scene
  • the direction the offender left in
  • any transportation the offender used including type, make, model, colour, registration and number of occupants
  • witnesses to the event (they should still be in the premises).

ACT Policing treats these matters seriously, and all reports are investigated. 

ACT Policing often release CCTV footage of robberies to the community via our website and Facebook page to assist with investigations. We encourage anyone who has information to contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the online reporting form.  Information to Crime Stoppers can be provided anonymously.


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