End your night right

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Alcohol and drug related crime remains an ongoing priority for ACT Policing, as it continues to place an unnecessary financial, social and health burden on the community.

The End Your Night Right campaign has been developed so ACT Policing can actively educate and engage with the Canberra community throughout the year.

We want all Canberrans to enjoy themselves, and to do so by partying safely, drinking responsibly, knowing their limits, staying in control of their behaviour and looking out for their mates.

The End Your Night Right campaign is about getting people to ask themselves when partying,  celebrating or on a night out, ‘how will my night end, if I take things too far?’

There is a high risk of injuring yourself or someone else, losing your licence or even ending up in court.

Throughout the year we want people to remember:

  • Fights can wreck nights
  • Keep an eye on your mates
  • Residue of drugs can remain in your system for days
  • Don’t take ‘candy’ from a stranger – if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t take it

ACT Policing has a visible presence around Canberra’s entertainment precincts throughout the year, routinely patrolling licensed premises to identify any problem areas or people.

Police don’t want to spoil the fun and definitely don’t want to arrest people. We don’t want to issue Criminal Infringement Notices in response to anti-social or illegal behaviour, but if we have to, we will.

All Canberrans, and those who visit our city, have a role to play in ensuring our homes, venues and roads are safe for everyone.

Think before you drink. And end your night right.

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