Motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities and must follow the same rules as other vehicle drivers on our roads.

It is an offence to ride a motorbike without an approved helmet and all bikes should be registered and in road worthy condition.

Motorcyclists should:

  • maintain their bike and tyres 
  • only wear a helmet that meets Australian Standards
  • wear suitable protective clothing
  • stick to the speed limit
  • reduce speed to suit conditions, such as fog or greasy roads
  • obey all road rules
  • ride to be seen, not in blind spots
  • give cars plenty of space – keep a three second gap and increase the gap when the road surface and conditions limit braking efficiency
  • use headlights when visibility is poor
  • brief pillion’s on riding safely. Riders are responsible for their passengers safety
  • look for motorists who aren’t looking, especially at intersections
  • change lanes carefully – look (head check) and indicate. Look over your shoulder and in your mirrors.

Drivers should:

  • always scan the traffic for motorcyclists, especially when changing lanes at intersections.
  • use headlights in poor visibility so motorcyclists see you.
  • check your blind spot for motorcyclists – look in mirrors and over your shoulder.
  • be aware that motorbikes can accelerate faster than cars.
  • motorcyclists have a right to take up an entire lane so overtake a them as you would any other vehicle.
  • be aware that motorcyclists may manoeuvre within their lane to avoid loose surfaces, potholes, or oil and coolant dropped by other vehicles.
  • give motorcyclists plenty of room – in good driving conditions; keep a three second gap between you and the vehicle ahead. 

For more information on motorcyclist safety including lane filtering, please visit the Justice and Community Safety website.

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