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If you are a police officer looking for a change ACT Policing is currently recruiting for Laterals. Applications close 30 June 2024. Constable Jessica Cox and Senior Constable Michael Kelly have shared their stories about making the move from another police force, what it's been like moving to Canberra and having a career in ACT Policing. 

ACT Policing provides you with various career opportunities, all from one city. Throughout your career, you can have the opportunity to specialise in areas such as Criminal Investigations, Emergency Management and Planning, Family Violence and Vulnerable People, and Intelligence: communications and Judicial Operations.

As part of the AFP, ACT Policing members also have the opportunity for short-term deployments nationally and internationally.

Working in ACT Policing will make a real difference to the Canberra community, working in an environment where your colleagues support you to be and do your best.

What type of job opportunities are available?

Upon completing the training program, you will be assigned to ACT Policing. You will work in General Duties for six months before deploying to roles based on your experience and ACT Policing's organisational requirements.

If I am required to relocate geographically, will AFP pay for the relocation?

The positions available are located in Canberra. The AFP will pay reasonable relocation costs if you accept a role in Canberra and do not reside in that geographical location.

What is involved in the application process?

You can apply through the Lateral Program web page and also find the candidate pack outlining the steps in the process, which includes eligibility and gateway requirements and assessment stages.

What sort of training will I have to do?

If successful, you will undergo an intensive paid eight-week training program located in Canberra in addition to any ongoing policing requirements to fulfil your role. 

Will my years of policing service be considered when determining the classification and increment point I will be engaged at in the AFP?

Yes. Your commencement salary will be based on your years of experience as an operational Police Officer.

Will I keep my current rank?

Once you commence with the AFP, you will be declared at a rank that aligns with the AFP rank structure.

Can I carry over my Detective designation if I join via the Lateral Program?

The AFP has guidelines relating to the Detective designation. You must submit an application outlining your claims against those guidelines to the National Designation Panel. The panel will grant the designation should all requirements be met.

What kind of health and wellbeing support will I receive in ACT Policing?

Health and wellbeing services are available to you and your family, including access to psychologists, social workers, health and fitness advisers, nurses, mental health nurses, rehabilitation case managers, welfare officers, coaches, and chaplains.


Remuneration and benefits

  • Starting salary range of $74,853- $102,927 at commencement (Band 3.3 to Band 5.3).
  • A working pattern allowance of 22% (after successful training completion).
  • Superannuation contribution of 15.4%.
  • Generous conditions of six weeks annual leave plus additional rest days, personal leave, paid maternity and adoption leave and access to compassionate leave. Refer to the AFP Enterprise Agreement.
  • Potential opportunity to multi-skill and access local, national and international law enforcement career opportunities.

For more information or to apply visit the ACT Policing Lateral program web page on the AFP website

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