Safe Summer campaign

ACT Policing’s Safe Summer campaign promotes safe attitudes and behaviours, particularly in relation to alcohol consumption, partying, road use, and personal safety.

We want you to have fun, be safe and remember your summer for the right reasons.

The summer months in the ACT historically result in the rise of alcohol-related incidents and arrests due to the increase of traffic, parties and nightlife in licensed venues, along with public holidays and events around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The campaign runs throughout summer and targets teenagers and young adults (18-35 year olds) who consume alcohol and/or drugs.

This summer we are reminding Canberrans that whether you are working behind the bar or out for the night with friends you have the right to enjoy a safe environment free from violence and antisocial behaviour.

Our Regional Targeting Team, along with other patrols and crime reduction teams will be out in force over the summer months. Police can issue on the spot fines- Criminal Infringement Notices, for unruly behaviour.  If you act irresponsibly and break the law, you will be apprehended and face the consequences.

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