People unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision in the ACT must by law report the incident to the police within 24 hours. A form available on the Access Canberra website completely removes the need to attend an ACT Police Station to comply with the statutory reporting requirement, allowing the community to complete the necessary details from the comfort of their own home.

Report a collision online

ACT Policing will attend a collision if:

  • it results in a fatality
  • it results in an injury where a person involved in a collision requires transportation by ambulance or other means to a hospital or medical centre,
  • one or more of the vehicles involved are blocking the roadway and cannot be moved, or are causing a disruption to traffic,
  • there is a threat of danger to any person or a suspected breach of the peace, or
  • there is an allegation of alcohol or drug use being a contributing factor.

If the vehicles involved in a collision require a tow, but are not blocking the roadway, the parties in the collision can arrange their own tows if they wish.  ACT Policing can arrange tows from a Towing Roster where the owner or driver is:

  • unable to arrange a particular firm to tow the vehicle,
  • not present at the scene, or
  • injured so as to be unable to nominate a towing firm.

For police attendance, please contact ACT Policing on 131 444.

If you break down on the highway or freeway

  • If your car develops a problem and you cannot stop at a service station, you must pull on to the hard shoulder.
  • Try to stop as close to emergency telephones as you can and remember to pull your car over as close to the verge as possible.
  • Remember to put on your hazard warning lights and don't forget you will need your lights on during the hours of darkness.
  • Get out of the side nearest the verge and use the emergency telephone as soon as possible giving your exact location.
  • If using a mobile telephone note the number of the nearest marker or junction to give a better idea of your exact location.
  • Above all - stay calm.