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There are very obvious reasons for speeding and traffic rules. The risk of being involved in a crash increases with the speed a vehicle is being driven because there is less time to react, less control of the vehicle and the distance needed to stop is longer.

The higher the speed a vehicle is travelling when it hits a pedestrian the greater the chance of a fatality occurring. Speed kills.

You must be aware of the speed limits in the ACT and road rules and penalties and follow them consistently. You should also know the facts about speeding. There are a range of speed detection devices used in the ACT, and failure to pass a random vehicle inspection could result in a defect notice being issued.

The use of mobile phones when driving is distracting. Drivers and riders must have full control of the vehicle and pay attention to road conditions at all times. ACT Policing is actively targeting the use of mobile phones by motorists. Fines are considerable and loss of points penalties do apply. You should be aware of how to legally use a mobile phone while driving.

A demerit points schedule operates in the ACT for drivers who disobey the speed and traffic rules.

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