Police focus on underage and binge drinking at Skyfire

Release Date: Wednesday, March 14 2012, 11:26 AM

ACT Policing will be focusing on underage drinkers at Skyfire this weekend (Saturday, March 17) as part of its ‘Too many drinks and you’re a galah’ campaign to deter young people from binge drinking.

Medical studies show that alcohol consumption in young people can have detrimental long-term health effects and can impact on the community as a whole. ACT Policing will collaborate with DIRECTIONS ACT this weekend in an effort to educate young people on the harmful behaviours associated with alcohol use.

A/Superintendent Steve Hogarth said that teenagers are not always aware about the dangers associated with alcohol use and are often pressured into drinking by friends.

“Peer pressure is an issue when it comes to alcohol. Most teenagers want to fit in and be accepted, and in doing so will succumb to peer pressure to show that they are one of the group,” A/Superintendent Hogarth said.

“While police have an enforcement role at events such as Skyfire, we also have an opportunity to educate and interact with our youth. If I am able to reach one teen and encourage he or she to abstain from alcohol and to find the courage to say ‘no’, then that is a good day for me.”

ACT Policing would encourage parents and guardians to know your children’s plans for the night and who they are with, how they plan to get to and from Skyfire, and a way of contacting them.

ACT Policing will have a strong presence at Skyfire and roving members will engage with young people while handing out campaign merchandise such as water bottles, wrist bands and glow sticks.