Back to school traffic enforcement begins

Release Date: Monday, February 06 2012, 08:30 AM

ACT Policing is advising motorists that 40km/hr speed limits will be enforced in school zones for the start of the new school year which commences today (Monday, 6 February).

Superintendent Kylie Flower said the school zone restrictions are in place between 8am and 4pm and warns motorists there will be tough penalties for those who choose to ignore them.

“The 40km/hr speed limit is critical in school zones because it gives motorists extra time to stop in an unexpected situation, like when a child steps out on the road to cross without looking,” Superintendent Flower said.

“Being the first day of school for 2012, it is important to remember that children, especially the younger primary school children, may be a little more excited about getting to school, and don’t have the same road safety awareness  they’d normally have. With that in mind drivers should take extra care when driving through a school zone.”

ACT Policing’s Traffic Operations and General Duties members will be paying special attention to school precincts throughout the week targeting speeding drivers and/or those parking illegally.