Indigenous community liaison

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) employs an Indigenous community liaison officer who liaises with the Indigenous community to establish and maintain positive relationships and foster mutual understanding.

Role of the liaison officer

The Indigenous community liaison officer performs a range of tasks, including:

  • Develop and maintain a network of contacts between the police and the local Indigenous communities within the ACT to strengthen cooperation and communication between the parties.
  • Improve community knowledge about policing services, the law and order issues.
  • Attend new recruit training sessions on Indigenous culture, heritage, behaviour and traditions.
  • Informing operational police about local issues that may affect relations between the Indigenous community and police.
  • Establish and maintain close personal rapport with the elders of the Indigenous community.
  • Assist in mediation of disputes involving police and people from the Indigenous community.
  • Advise police about areas of potentially high crime rates, and suggest preventative measures.
  • Implement crime prevention strategies for ACT Policing as it relates to the Indigenous community such as the Indigenous Family Violence Intervention Program.
  • Make representations to AFP management and other committees on behalf of the local Indigenous community.
  • Participate in community events and where required, undertake public speaking appearances.
  • Consult with government and non-government agencies, community groups and businesses within the ACT, concerning crime prevention strategies relating to the Indigenous community.

A secondary function of the Indigenous community liaison officer is to assist the AFP Recruitment Unit in the development and implementation of Indigenous recruitment, retention, career management and development strategies.


Indigenous community matters (ACT only)
Indigenous Community Liaison Officer
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